At-Home Learning

 Friday At-Home Learning Links

Grade 1 - 9:00 am                               Grade 6 - 10:00 am
Grade2 - 9:00 am Miss Osei - 10:00 am
Grade 3 - 10:00 am

Mr. Irish - 9:00 am

Grade 4 - 10:00 am

Mrs. Presley-Crombie - 8:00 am

Grade 5 - 10:00 am  



College Heights Christian School is committed to quality Adventist Christian Education, even through our At-Home Learning model.  With careful consideration of Alberta Education's Re-Entry Plan, under Scenario 3 for full "At-Home" learning, we have targeted an average time of online instruction from 3 to 3.5 hours per day (Monday-Thursday) for our Jr. High students which is well within the range of suggested time by Alberta Ed.  

We have learned a lot from our online teaching experience from last spring and have developed a set of Online Expectations to help our students be as successful as they can be from learning from home.  We want to encourage our students to be diligent with their online learning classes and assignments.  We do have expectations for each student to continue to be in attendance and to complete assignments.  

We are also very pleased to provide extra support to help your child succeed.  Please keep us informed with all of your child's needs.