Wildcats Athletics


    My desire for this page is to have a central location for information on our Athletics here at CHCS. I will update this page with the most current information available to me. Please be gracious as I endeavor to communicate all things athletic. If you have specific questions you can send them my way by emailing me at devonm@chcs.cc. 

   The opportunity to express and teach the character of Christ through athletics is an exciting one. I look forward to our involvement in this high calling. 

'yours in service'

Mr. McAfee


                                   December 6-9 BasketbALL

Tuesday: Boys C team practice at Burman 3:45-5:30

Wednesday: Girls A team practice at CHCS 3:45-5:30, Boys A and C practice at Burman 3:45-5:30

Thursday: Girls C team practice at CHCS 4-6pm (Some will need to come late to practice after Drama)






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