ECS Supplies

1        LARGE Backpack labelled with your child’s name
50      Clear, letter size page protectors (for Portfolio)
1        roll Transparent 2mm (3/4”) Scotch Tape
4        Large Elmer's Xtreme Glue Sticks

2        Packages of white rectangle erasers
1        Package of Crayola OR Cra-Z-Art Supertips Markers (slim style)

1        Package of Crayola OR Cra-Z-Art Markers (fat style)

1        Package of Crayola Twistables PENCIL Crayon

1        Pair of Computer Headphones (no earbuds, please.)  The kind that completely cover the ears is the best!   

1        Water Bottle labelled with your child’s name (not taller than 10 inches)
1        Pair Indoor Shoes that are also suitable for gym use (no sandals or open back/toe shoes, please.)
          Also, Velcro fasteners are preferable unless your child already knows how to tie their own shoes.
1        4 GB Flashdrive (for pictures at the end of the year)

Throughout the school year I will be sending home requests for your child to bring a variety of items and/or supplies to school for certain class and individual projects.  Please check your e-mail regularly for updates and special requests!  Thanks!

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